Sandhy Sondoro

Kembali di 12 Oktober 2019

Indonesia’s famous singer, Sandhy Sondoro, will again enliven Pasar Hamburg music stage. Sandhy is known for his soulful voice in singing soul and blues. Thus, he has always been a spectator magnet. With raspy voice like an afro singer, Sandhy has a very special relationship with Germany in carving out his long history of career.

Sandhy began his music career in Germany. In 2007, he was ranked fifth in the prestigious Rab’s Talent Contest which aired on German television, Prosieben. The show raised Sandhy’s popularity in Germany. Since then, Sandhy began to perform at many other television music shows.

His debut album was released in 2008 entitled Why Don’t We. The indie album was named brilliant by various newspapers. His big break came when he released Shine, a collaboration with Dublex Inc., a Spanish DJ. Shine was listed on numerous radio charts in European cities, such as Berlin, Madrid, and Paris.

Sandhy’s music career skyrocketed when he won the contest at the prestigious international music festival, the New Wave Festival in Jurmala, Latvia, in 2009. Since then, his name began to be known and rocketed in Indonesia.

His latest success was representing Indonesia by winning awards in the international music event at the The First Ceremony of the International Professional Music Award Bravo at The State Kremlin Palace, Moscow. Sandhy won an award in the category Best Foreign Artist of 2018.


In 2019, Pasar Hamburg opens doors for visitors with the first odd-year event format. Indonesian musician Sandhy Sondoro concert will be the opening act in October.

Furthermore, in November, the Indonesian Film Screening event will be held in Abaton cinema in Hamburg.

Pasar Hamburg will again greet visitors in 2020 by presenting arts and cultural performances and trade shows on the 16th – 18 th of October 2020 at Messehalle Hamburg. This event in two years in a row took on grand theme of 2019 Welcoming the 8th Anniversary of Pasar Hamburg 2020.

Film Screening

Indonesian Film Screening in Abaton Cinema Hamburg

SINCE 2015, Pasar Hamburg is enlivened by films screening by Indonesian filmmakers. This year, film screenings is presented with a new concept.

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