by Dandhy Dwi Laksono

FilmOrang Sama (The Bajau)
DirectorDandhy Dwi Laksono
LanguageIndonesian & Bajo (German subtitles)
CinemaAbaton Kino Hamburg
TimeThursday. 14th of November 2019 | at 19:30


IN the vast Indonesian archipelago, lived Bajo tribe, known as the sea gypsies. Upholding maritime civilization, the Bajo were living nomadically around the South China Sea to the South Pacific and New Zealand for centuries.

Unfortunately, wisdom in their way of life is now threatened. For the sake of ‘giving a better life’, the governments of Southeast Asia countries began a program of settling the Bajo on to mainland. Thus, they may have legal identity and citizenship.

The documentary, which records the remnants of maritime civilization in the Indonesian archipelago, tells the story of two Bajo families in the waters of Sulawesi who live their lives differently.

Both families already have an identity and live on land. However, one family chose to undergo it only as a formality. They still spend their lives on a boat in a relatively pristine marine ecosystem.

On the other hand, different families face a far different reality. Something that becomes a nightmare for every Bajo.

Are they able to adapt? Is it true that civilization on land promote the quality of life?


About Watchdoc

Watchdoc is a documentary production house pioneered since 2009. Its main mission is to produce documentary films with the theme of social justice and human rights.

Kiri Hijau Kanan Merah was the first film produced by Watchdoc. It revolves around the murder of Munir, a human rights defender who was poisoned in a Jakarta-Amsterdam flight in September 2004.

Watchdoc sees documentaries as a strategic audio-visual medium. The documentary combines the flexibility of mobile platforms and off-air forum of discussion amid the abandonment of conventional information sources such as books and journals.

Films by Dandhy Dwi Laksono raise various interesting themes that are so close to social reality. Through his films, Dandhy is able to show the life of the people as well as the natural beauty of Indonesia.

Not only known as filmmakers, Dandhy is also recognized as a journalist with special ideals. He has traveled nearly 20,000 km around Indonesia in one year along with Acehnese photographer named Suparta Arz. He called the trip Blue Indonesia Expedition. The film Kala Benoa and Rayuan Pulaualse are 2 films from 26 Indonesian Blue Expedition series.


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Furthermore, in November, the Indonesian Film Screening event will be held in Abaton cinema in Hamburg.

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Indonesian Film Screening in Abaton Cinema Hamburg

SINCE 2015, Pasar Hamburg is enlivened by films screening by Indonesian filmmakers. This year, film screenings is presented with a new concept.

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