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OVER the years, Pasar Hamburg has broadened its program and make it more vibrant. Every year, in one weekend, Pasar Hamburg presents a variety of interesting events. The colorful Indonesian culture are displayed through art performances such as dance performances, theater, music concerts, art exhibitions, photography, comic and cartoon illustration exhibitions, poster exhibitions, fashion shows, children’s creative programs, and trade shows.

In addition to the cultural event, film screening event, book reviews, workshops and public discussions were held on current issues in Indonesia. Not to forget the culinary variety presented in the culinary market and cooking demonstrations.

Various kinds of events have enlivened this annual event since 2013. Each event has loyal devotees. Every festival goer gave his input in a survey conducted by the organizer. It is found that they wanted discussion programs, literary review, and dialogues to be held separately from arts and cultural events.

Responding to the input, innovation was carried out by redesigning the format of the program of Pasar Hamburg. The Curatorial Board then creates a new programming concept, namely by presenting a series of events with different numbers and types of events in odd and even years. The entire event in a couple of years will be united in a theme.

In odd years, Pasar Hamburg market in odd years will feature literary events, film screenings, and dialogues. Meanwhile, in the even years, Pasar Hamburg will display arts and cultural performances and trade shows. With this new program format, visitors are expected to be able to enjoy and watch the whole event thoroughly.

The new concept of the Pasar Hamburg will be started in 2019. In this seventh year event, the theme of Welcoming the 8th anniversary of Pasar Hamburg 2020 will be echoed. Visitors will be invited to welcome eight anniversary of this festival. Interesting events will be presented, such as the Sandhy Sondoro music concert and the Indonesian Film Screening event which showcases the work of the best Indonesian filmmakers. The culmination of the eighth anniversary of the Hamburg Market will be held in 2020.

In an attempt to achieve the vision as a symbol of Indonesia in Europe, Pasar Hamburg will always improve its program. Hopefully, Pasar Hamburg will become a prestigious and highly anticipated Indonesian event in Europe.